Childbirth Class

Prenatal education in your rockville doctor's office

Classes are temporarily on hold after September. I apologize for any inconvenience.


A Class For you, from your providers

Your providers want you to feel prepared for birth and have a wonderful birth experience. As a result they have requested this comprehensive birth preparation course to be designed specifically for you, taught by Labor & Delivery nurses, and held in your Rockville doctor’s office.

Prepare For Birth

Attend a full day of class structured to give you the information you need as you prepare for the birth of your baby. In class you will learn about the signs of labor, basic breathing and relaxation techniques, hospital protocols, the stages of labor, variations in labor, cesarean sections, the role of the birth support person, epidurals and other pain management options, and the postpartum period. 

Initiate Infant Care

We will discuss topics such as normal newborn characteristics, the newborns transition to the outside world, when to bring your baby to the doctor, newborn care in the hospital setting including cord care and circumcision care, medications and testing. You will learn how to hold, swaddle, diaper and bathe your baby as well as about sleep safety and the prevention of SIDS.

Learn how to Breastfeed

Learn how to successfully initiate breastfeeding, recognize hunger cues, care for your breasts, and maintain a milk supply. Class will also cover the basics of pumping breast milk and bottle feeding.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you!

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